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Currently Facing a Problem

  • You don't know which jobs are available.
  • You don't know which fields require workers.
  • You're putting in 7x efforts to find new jobs during the current job environment, but you're not able to reach them
  • You can't afford to spend too much time and money searching for jobs
  • You're also taking care of your family
Manpower Supplier in Tamilnadu

Here's how Team Kaigal

can solve that:

  • Job guarantee on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.
  • Your education doesn’t matter.
  • Get a job free of charge, through a missed call.
  • Find the perfect match for any skill set.
  • Get a specially created identity card/business card listing all your skills and experiences in one place.
Manpower Supplier in Tamilnadu

Our story

In December 2019, we observed two huge problems.

We observed that businesses were having trouble recruiting and retaining blue and grey collar workers. This problem was affecting the day-to-day running of their businesses, leading them to invest their time and energy in human resources rather than other profitable activities. We wanted to make sure that we had a pool of resources available to give to businesses. We want to ensure 24/7 business efficiency.

On the other hand, we saw that 70% of jobs in India fall into the blue or grey collar category. Yet, there was no organized solution to match the businesses looking for reliable employees, with the people looking for these jobs.

Our unique idea is to make use of digital / telecommunication technologies in reaching to unskilled/low skilled workers and connect them with businesses.

job consultancy in coimbatore



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