Why You're

Currently Facing a Problem

  • As a SME, you're likely to face 60% attrition from your blue-collar / entry level workers this year.
  • You're putting in 7x efforts to find new entry level employees but your candidates don't turn up for interviews.
  • You can't afford a reliable talent hunt team to help you pick resources.
  • Alternatives such as agencies and recruitment companies charge you too much, including commissions.
  • You don't get to pick high-quality resources due to the disorganization.
Manpower Supplier in Tamilnadu

Here's how Team Kaigal

can solve that:

  • We're a one stop shop for blue-collar/entry level resource engagements - that means we're the only ones you need when you need to staff.
  • We can be your business' extended Recruitment Team available on long-term arrangements and a retainer basis.
  • With us, you can very quickly hire the right resources from 80+ field skills, and focus your attention where it matters
    - your business operations.
  • We'll make sure to handpick and only send pre-screened
    Candidates for your selection process.
  • Now that you know you can trust the candidates,
    you can interview & recruit candidates with utmost confidence.
  • We're on hand to provide Premium Client Recruitment and Support
    with whatever you need for recruitment and staffing.
manpower consultancy in coimbatore manpower consultancy in coimbatore

Our Business Plans

For Success

Basic Plus Elite Enterprise
₹ 1500.00 ₹ 2500.00 ₹ 3500.00 For Custom Hiring Solutions, Please Contact Us
Good For 1 Candidate Hire Good For 1 Candidate Hire Good For 1 Candidate Hire
Candidate Profile Matching Service Candidate Profile Matching Service Candidate Profile Matching Service
Limited Candidate Profile Sharing Limited Candidate Profile Sharing UnLimited Candidate Profile Sharing
Candidate Followup Service Candidate Followup Service Candidate Followup Service
Tele-screening Assessments Tele-screening Assessments
Social Recruitment Social Recruitment
WhatsApp / SMS / Email Updates WhatsApp / SMS / Email Updates
One Time Free Replacement provided if candidate leaves within 1 month One Time Free Replacement provided if candidate leaves within 1 month
Broadcast Jobs and aggregate applications
Dedicated Recruitment Manager

Our story

In December 2019, we observed two huge problems.

We observed that businesses were having trouble recruiting and retaining blue and grey collar workers. This problem was affecting the day-to-day running of their businesses, leading them to invest their time and energy in human resources rather than other profitable activities. We wanted to make sure that we had a pool of resources available to give to businesses. We want to ensure 24/7 business efficiency.

On the other hand, we saw that 70% of jobs in India fall into the blue or grey collar category. Yet, there was no organized solution to match the businesses looking for reliable employees, with the people looking for these jobs.

Our unique idea is to make use of digital / telecommunication technologies in reaching to unskilled/low skilled workers and connect them with businesses.

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Contact Us

Email: [email protected]
For Business Enquiries: +91 91-5050-2642
For Candidate Registration: +91 89809-12345
Namakkal & Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India